The Terrible/Ridiculous games contest has returned!
...However I am providing links to every game's page.


by Kylekrack and Gaplan

"Grab a friend, sit down, and run PvPRPG to have some unbalanced, aggressive, turn-based fun. This game uses the OHR battle system to make a 2-player competitive party-building nightmare. There's only one set of controls, so make sure you play nice and pass the controller back when it's the other player's turn."

PVPRPG on Slimesalad


By Chalkflower

"A ridiculous game for contest."

Tworound on Slimesalad
Download Tworound (hosted on


By Nathan Karr

"A massive crossover between 16 playable rodents from across OHR history, 15 of them being playable (Beefzok tragically perished). Also contains many but not all random enemy and early-game rodent bosses."

OHRodents on Slimesalad


By Idontknow (me)

"After a malevolent entity known as The Thumb threatens his kingdom, King EEEE sends his finest soldiers to stop their nefarious plans. What's that, he doesn't have an army? Looks like we need some volunteers... Turn down no fennec who wishes to take up arms!"

Fennecs on Slimesalad

6 Curses

By Feenicks

"A 2019 Ridiculous Games Contest entry. Turned more into a scripting showcase, but that's okay, right?"

6 Curses on Slimesalad

Hati's Bizarre Adventure

By Charbile

A love letter to:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
C's Ware The Maid's Story
The OHR (battlescripting is here, guys!)
My slimesalad discord pals
and last but certainly not least, Hati & Mi'la
Late entry into the Ridiculous Games Contest 2019

Hati's Bizarre Adventure on Slimesalad