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  • You Need a Hero
    Damien the wolf-person-thing just wanted a nice life, but after college he pretty much just burned out and lives at his mom's house, spending his time wasting time in chatrooms, drinking and other such activities. But after the neighbor girl he has the hots for disappears one night, he is reluctantly forced to go on an adventure through familiar and strange places, meet new friends, and become a true hero.

  • Dead Man's Tale
    Play as a party of four scurvy pirates as they explore a spooky, abandoned ghost ship. Collect all 8 treasures and help the spirits of this ghost ship's crew be free from their curse.

  • Necromancer Ate My Cat
    Poindexter was a quiet nerd who just wanted to sit at home and watch horror movies on Halloween, but when a dastardly necromancer eats his cat, Poindexter must get revenge! Also available on the google play store.

  • Fennecs!
    An evil magic user known as "The Thumb" has threatened the fennec kingdom! In response, King EEEE sends his finest soldiers to stop their nefarious plans. What's that, he doesn't have an army? Looks like we need some volunteers... Turn down no fennec who wishes to take up arms!

  • Twine Games

  • Momwolf vs Hacker Man
    After a strange man calling himself "The Hacker" threatens to kill her son over an ugly hat, Diana the she-wolf sorceress must go on a journey through town to foil his plans. This game is a text adventure you can play right in your browser. With a strange, crude sense of humor and a save/load system for your progress, this is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.